What is the Biko Method?

Discover how you can experience relief and ultimately release the underlying cause of any painful emotion, pattern, stress, addiction or fear in a short space of time with this proven technique that you can do yourself.*

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Emotional Footprints: Controlling the Addiction to Unhappiness

Emotional Footprints are the underlying programs that manage the storing and releasing of unresolved emotional pain. Based on science, energy psychology and proven application, the Biko Method is the only technique that can reliably access and remove any Emotional Footprint.

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Free Yourself from All That Holds You Back

At the core of any struggle with finances, relationships, self-worth, success and purpose, is one thing: the Self.

What holds back the Self is chronic emotional suffering, limiting beliefs, addictions and phobias, and anything else that robs the present moment of joy and contentment.

What if you could solve those issues in a short space of time?*

Starting today, you can. Click below to see how the Biko Method can works for you:

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  • Why human beings create pain when seeking pleasure
  • The origin of out-of-control emotions like rage, debilitating grief, and panic
  • The anatomy of your Emotional Operating System and why it